AS GoCraft is a well-known company engaged in the maintenance, repair, and modernization of railway vehicles. We maintain and repair rolling stock so that our customers can transport passengers and goods on the track safely and in an environmentally friendly way.

The history of our depot goes back years. The start of time can be considered the start-up of a maintenance depot for narrow-gauge steam locomotives in Tallinn, in the area of ​​Tallinn-Väike station, more than 100 years ago. Over time, the maintenance depot for steam locomotives has been rebuilt for wide-gauge rolling stock. Since the end of the 1980s, the depot has been mainly engaged in the maintenance and repair of diesel trains. Although the main activity of our depot has now moved from the Tallinn-Väike depot to the modern Iru depot in Maardu, we ensure continuity and the continuation of traditions through a team consisting of recognized specialists in their field.

We have experience in the repair and modernization of both modern and older shunting and line locomotives. We have performed maintenance and repair work for different types of locomotives: TEM, TEP, TEM TMH, CME, 2TE116, TGM. In addition to lighter maintenance and repair work, we have also been engaged in the restoration and modernization of locomotives that have not been used for a long time, during which we replaced the machine’s engine, gearbox and the entire hydraulic and electrical system.

Our depot offers various technical possibilities for the repair of rolling stock components. Be it wheelset turning, maintenance/repair of safety devices, or repair of brake devices. We also perform repairs and maintenance for components from various manufacturers – locomotive engines, gearboxes, wheelsets, reducers, bogies, etc. We have also installed gas supply devices on locomotives, which help to reduce the harmful impact of transport activities on the environment.

We consider it important in our activities to ensure the safety of rail traffic as an environmentally friendly mode of transport. An accredited laboratory gives us the opportunity to perform versatile quality control, through which we can be sure of the quality of work and perform technical examinations of rolling stock. In addition, we have been issued several certificates, which guide our daily activities: ISO9001 and ISO 15085-2.

We contribute to making Estonia safer and maintain the normal salary of employees participating in training meetings of the Defense Forces. We care about our employees and our country so that everyone can live here in a good and safe way.

As of July 26, 2021, in the interests of clarity and simplicity, we consolidated all areas of activity of AS Ühinenud Depood under a single Go Craft brand, thus emphasizing belonging to a large and reliable domestic group.

Go Craft belongs to the Go Group, which unites various transport and tourism companies in Estonia. The group employs a total of about 900 people.

AS GoCraft is the first company in Estonia to be issued an ECM certificate by the Consumer and Technical Surveillance Authority for the unit responsible for the maintenance of rolling stock. The certificate gives the right to perform repair and maintenance work on locomotives, wagons, theme machines, and other railway vehicles. The certificate confirms that our production control and technological processes comply with the requirements of the directives of the European Parliament and the Council.