We have been manufacturing and installing truck superstructures for over 20 years. Many of the special-purpose machines on Estonian roads have been created in our production facility. Our clients include various large companies, from infrastructure and road maintenance companies to mines and airports. We have built road maintenance vehicles, dump trucks for mines, designed and installed multi-purpose tanks for trucks, tail lifts, lifts, as well as built trailers for rally teams, the retro trams making rounds in Tallinn and much more.


Our extensive experience and product portfolio enable us to find the optimal and effective solution for any area, with consideration for the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

The main services we provide in the field of truck superstructures are:

  • Design of truck superstructures
  • Installation of lifting equipment
  • Construction of combined vehicles
  • Construction of cargo bodies
  • Construction of trailers
  • Construction of infrastructure maintenance machines
  • Installation of railway equipment on road vehicles
  • Other special projects
  • Maintenance and repair of superstructures
  • Sale of spare parts


We have a technically competent, motivated and committed team. Our team’s knowledge and experience in the field of electricity, electronics and hydraulics help us to execute orders efficiently, flexibly and on time.


We have the best knowledge, skills and conditions to manufacture special vehicles, road maintenance machines, combined vehicles, lifting equipment, transport vehicles and trailers. We use world-class factory output in our work to ensure top quality. To save our clients valuable property and time, we also perform maintenance and repair work at clients’ premises.